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      Fitych Tadeusz

      A priest of Wroclaw archdiocese, a lecturer at The Papal Faculty of Theology

in Wroclaw, a member of the following learned societies: Polish Department of Studies on St. Joseph in Kalisz, Polish Theological Society in Wroclaw, Cusanus- Geselschaft in Trewir, Polish Heraldic Society, Czechish Historical Society and Polish Historical Society.

      Born on 23rd January 1948 in Nowa Sól, in the family of a fire fighting forces officer, Ph.D. in theology - a historian of Church, specialist on the history of theology.

      Studies: 1967 - 1974 philosophical and theological studies in the Metropolitan Higher Seminary in Wroclaw, interrupted by the military service in the seminarian army unit in Bartoszyce 1968 - 1970; 1974 Master's Degree in the theology of liturgy at The Papal Faculty of Theology (PWT) in Wroclaw; 1975 - 1980 specialized studies at the Institute of Church History, at the History of Theology Department (The Catholic University of Lublin); 1977 - licentiate of theology in the field of the history of Church (The Catholic University of Lublin); 1983 - Doctor's Degree in theology (The Catholic University of Lublin); 1986 - 1988 a holder of a scholarship of the Polish Historical Institute in Rome and a member of a Polish research expedition concerning critical edition of the acts of the Polish nunciature; studies and research works at Italian universities (in Rome, Florence, Perugia, Naples) and German universities (in Augsburg and Regensburg).

Ordinated: on 25th May 1974 in Wroclaw (by Bishop W. Urban).

Distinctions, titles: a prelate of His Holiness.