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The present objects of research
Motto of his life
Favourite reading

  • the history of Church and culture in Silesia in XVIIth century;
  • historical development of the cult of and the teaching about St Joseph in Silesia and in Poland since XVIIth century;
  • patristic theology;
  • the apostolic nunciature in Poland at the beginning of XVIIth century (mainly G. B. Lancellotti);
  • the theology of priesthood after the Second Vatican Council;
  • community life and constant formation of priests;
  • the history, identity and activity of CCEE (some matters of collectivism of bishops);
  • cooperation of Church and European institutions for the purpose of unification of the continent;
  • consideration of mutual cognition and the exchange of gifts between the brotherly Churches in Poland and Czech;
  • ecumenism and the identity of Church.